Is the cable connecting you to the electricity network overloaded with charging points for your guests?

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Would you like to offer your guests the convenience of an electric vehicle charging station? In many cases, expanding your existing electricity connection is not possible or is not cost-effective. To respond to this need, a battery system from Commeo is a sensible alternative.

The Benefits

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In the future, charging stations for vehicles will become a typical sight in any car park.
Installing more than a single charging station places a heavy burden on your electricity connection, however. A battery system from Commeo will relieve those demands, thereby reducing your ongoing costs, while expanding your options when it comes to optimising your energy management system.

  • a storage capacity that can be configured according to your needs
  • a charging infrastructure installed by experienced partners
  • transparent monitoring and evaluation of power optimisation
  • modular construction makes the system easy to expand
  • your photovoltaic system can be used and marketed as an environmentally friendly vehicle charging station.
  • optionally for use as an emergency power supply/uninterruptible power supply or peak shaving solution.

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