Commeo solutions can be used in a great many industrial applications.

Energy storage systems from Commeo are highly flexible and can therefore be used in many different settings. Here is just a selection of possible applications our system can be used for.

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System Services

Nowadays, solar and wind energy account for an ever increasing proportion of our electricity supply and this is causing more pronounced fluctuations within our power network. Large, battery-based storage solutions can therefore help to maintain the security of supply and the stability of our electricity network, by enabling energy to be stored and released at specific times. Together with our partners, we can supply you with ready-to-use and optimally coordinated energy storage solutions to provide a diverse range of system services:

  • frequency conservation (e.g. primary control power or stand-by reserve power)
  • voltage maintenance (e.g. the provision of reactive power and short-circuit power)
  • rebuilding of supply (e.g. black start capability of power stations)
  • operations (e.g. grid relief or gradient control)

Production Automation

Due to the high energy and power density, our battery-based storage systems are ideally suited for use in automation applications of any type. For example, battery-based storage systems from Commeo are used to propel driverless transport systems electrically, with zero emissions and zero maintenance. In cases involving more complex requirements too, such as special-purpose mechanical engineering or the construction of specialist utility vehicles (items such as cooling and refrigeration units or lifting devices), Commeo provides the power that is needed in a form that combines ease of handling and extended operating times. By means of standardised interfaces and communication protocols, Commeo battery systems support the automation systems used in Industrie 4.0 solutions.

  • energy storage blocks can be combined flexibly
  • can be used to control a wide variety of charging devices
  • configurable messages displaying charging status and status indicators
  • external switches are used to control charging and discharging
  • transparent monitoring and evaluation of power utilisation
  • modular construction enables standardised expansions to be used
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Voltage Maintenance

The expansion in the use of regenerative energy sources within Germany’s distribution networks is increasing the need to maintain the voltage and frequency range. Both during normal operation and in the event of a fault, voltage maintenance must always be coordinated through the use of suitable voltage regulators. In such cases, the Commeo battery system provides effective voltage regulation. When used in conjunction with a suitable type of power electronics (for information, please see “Partners”), the network voltage can be supported by means of reactive power and short-circuit power.

  • maintaining the voltage band at distribution network level
  • safeguarding sensitive sensor-based systems when voltage fluctuations occur
  • transparent monitoring and evaluation of power fluctuations
  • modular construction and standardised expansions

Increasing the Connected Load

During the past few decades, most of the energy generated in the world’s industrialised nations was produced centrally in large-scale power stations. The resulting electricity was fed into the grid via the distribution network. The distribution network, in turn, simply transported the electricity to end-users. Nowadays, however, thanks to renewable energy and other decentralised energy sources, this balance is shifting towards a decentralised electricity supply system. Photovoltaic systems, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, cogeneration units, wind farms and biogas plants are placing a strain on our electricity network. In many cases, the cables are already operating at full capacity and expanding the connected power can only be achieved by carrying out network expansions, which are costly. As an alternative to this, the battery system from Commeo provides relief, making it possible to avoid the expense that expanding the network would involve.

  • a charging infrastructure that can be implemented without expanding your network
  • a photovoltaic system and battery system used in combination as an ecological alternative to network expansion
  • battery-based storage systems as a cost-effective alternative to cost-intensive network expansion
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