Do you use very high quantities of electricity at certain times and are your energy costs going through the roof?

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Temporary peaks in power consumption will increase your usage fees. The solution is a battery system from Commeo. A battery-based storage system tailor-made to your specific requirements will provide you with energy whenever you need it and will prevent peaks in power consumption. You won’t need any over-engineered and highly costly network connections, but will instead receive a smart battery system that will open up new capabilities as far as energy management is concerned.

The Benefits

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Smart battery systems from Commeo can help you optimise your company’s energy needs. Unlock the potential savings that can be made using a state-of-the-art battery system and expand your ability to use applications available in the future.

  • Full-service systems that respond to your needs
  • Can be combined with a wide range of energy management systems
  • Project planning, support and maintenance from a single source
  • Transparent monitoring and evaluation of power utilisation
  • Modular construction makes the system easy to expand
  • Can optionally be used as an emergency power supply

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