Optimising self-consumption with Commeo battery storage systems – Your solution for lower energy costs

A Commeo battery system helps you increase self-consumption, for example from photovoltaics, in your business. This reduces your required grid connection capacity and saves you running costs.

Made in Germany: As the first battery manufacturer, we offer turnkey system solutions from a single source. From the energy storage block to the rack concept and control unit, all the components of the battery system have been developed by Commeo. All feedbacks or requirements from our customers flow directly into the design and development of our product.

The problem

You invested in your own renewable energy generation (e.g. with a photovoltaic system), and still your electricity costs are very high.

  • loss of self-sufficiency, as the surplus electricity generated is fed back into the public grid
  • low photovoltaic feed-in tariff
  • no overview of the amount and pattern of electricity procurement from the different energy sources

Business areas:

  • supermarkets
  • metalworking
  • plastics industry
  • bakeries
  • chemical industry
  • companies with very high electricity consumption
eine Commeo Energiespeicher-Komplettlösung. Ein Comme Batterieschrank mit Pouchblöcken, rechts daneben ein Wechselrichter, rechts daneben ein Schaltschrank mit der Unterverteilung und dem Commeo Energiemanegementsystem (EMS).

The Commeo solution

A Commeo battery system helps you increase self-consumption, for example from photovoltaics, in your business. This reduces your required grid connection capacity and saves you running costs.
Commeo offers a full service package – from initial consultation to final commissioning:

  • analysis of your existing energy flows & advice on the energy storage solution
  • customised design of your personal battery system (including selection of the inverter and all other components)
  • detailed planning of the project
  • accompaniment of the implementation with partner companies up to final commissioning

Your added value

A Commeo battery system in combination with the Commeo EMS (energy management system) automatically optimises your energy consumption according to your specifications. This gives you full control over your energy flows and hence the cost of energy provisions within your infrastructure.

Security of supply & cost savings through self-consumption optimisation

  • The higher your self-consumption, the less electricity you have to buy from your energy supplier. Become independent!
  • Self-sufficiency increases, as the temporarily stored energy can be used at any time.

Further optimisation possibilities and advantages for you

  • Integration of a charging infrastructure or peak shaving enables you to use energy even more efficiently by saving further costs.
  • Maximum utilisation of the battery system also reduces the payback period to a minimum.

By combining renewable energies with battery storages, you can improve your “green footprint”, meet your clients’ specifications,
or simply enhance your business’ image.
Many federal states and municipalities have interesting subsidy programs for this purpose.


What added value does the Commeo HV system have for your customers?

Your customers will save enormous energy and operating costs. In addition, our professionals provide a full service. Our energy storage professionals work with you and your customers to develop a complete concept for the effective, future-proof design of the energy storage system.

What benefits can you expect from Commeo?

Development expertise

From the energy storage block to the complete energy storage system and control unit, all the components of battery storage have been developed by Commeo. The Commeo energy storage system has been specially developed in Germany in line with the highest European safety and quality standards.


Thanks to regional suppliers and complete freedom in deciding on the components used, we are fully independent of global political and economic developments.

Connection suitability

We provide our partners with an innovative developer interface so that external peripherals can be connected to our battery systems. In this way, we ensure that current and future converters, chargers, controllers etc. – plus protocols of data formats – can be used with innovative energy storage solutions.

Which Commeo HV systems are suitable for self-consumption-optimisation?

Our inverter-independent energy storage solutions can be used for all industrial applications.
Contact us for an individual consultation.

What are the dimensions of the Commeo HV systems?
HV Smart Power/Energy (B x H x T)

600 x 2000 x 600 mm

HV Energy/HV Longlife (B x H x T)

800 x 2000 x 600 mm

1000 x 2000 x 600 mm


Dimensions vary depending on the accessories.

Feel free to get in touch with us for personalised advice:

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