Realizing visions.

Our goal: Developing the most flexible lithium-ion battery available on the market. This intention shaped an entity that managed to transfer an idea into a market-ready product in short succession. Using the drive of innovation, we threw common patterns of thinking overboard and followed a novel approach. The result proves us right. COMMEO stands for advanced technology in a growing market of the future.


Variety instead of parity: the optimal energy storage solution of Commeo.

Energy storage related challenges today and tomorrow are more diverse than ever. Thanks to latest technology advances in battery research, there is a multitude of cell chemistries and cell designs to choose from -  each of them offering their own advantages. Within the Commeo energy storage block  our art of engineering meets the diversity of cell technologies in order to provide an optimal solution to any individual requirement. 


We are convinced that we have developed one ot the most efficient and adaptive battery modules.

Founded as a start-up in the InnovationCenter Osnabrück, Commeo became a battery manufacturer in Wallenhorst of Lower Saxony. Instead of buying commercially available battery modules, Commeo invests their own constructional work into the development of a battery housing. Our energy storage blocks are able to store a large amount of energy in the smallest spaces, come with their own intelligent managament system and an efficient thermal management.


  • 2014 - Establishment in the InnovationCenter Osnabrück and start of development
  • 2015 - Completion of our first BMS generation
  • 2016 - Finished development of our first energy storage block
  • 2017 - Relocation to our new headquarters and production site in Wallenhorst