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Our aim – to develop the most flexible lithium-ion battery system available on the market. With this in mind and within the shortest possible space of time, a company was formed that has developed the idea into a market-ready product. Armed with an innovative spirit and a zest for action, we threw outdated thinking overboard and pursued new approaches. The result speaks for itself.

COMMEO is synonymous with cutting-edge technology within a market place of the future.

Innovationsführung Energiespeichersysteme

Variety not uniformity – the optimum energy storage solution from Commeo

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Today, the challenges associated with energy storage solutions are more varied than ever and will remain so in the future. Thanks to the very latest technologies from battery research, a large number of cell chemistries and cell designs are available, each of which provides benefits of their own. Energy storage blocks from Commeo bring together our engineering expertise with the many different types of cell technologies available, enabling a solution to be found that meets any individual requirement and is optimised to the desired number of kilowatt hours.
In conjunction with our partners, we ensure that we are not only able to provide energy storage solutions of optimum quality, but that we can provide a comprehensive service.

We are convinced that we have developed one of the most efficient and adaptable battery modules.

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From a start-up operating from within the Innovations Centrum Osnabrück, the company has become a well-known manufacturer of battery-based systems located in Wallenhorst, in the German federal state of Lower Saxony. Instead of selling finished battery modules on the market, Commeo is investing in order to develop and construct a battery housing of its own. Our energy storage blocks store large quantities of energy in the smallest possible space and are fitted with smart controls and an efficient heat management system.
Our in-house developers and test engineers are working continually to develop the latest innovations that will soon be deployed to benefit you, as our customer.

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A Look into the Future:
New Cell Technologies

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At the time of writing, cells are available in a wide variety of chemical compositions within the realm of lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-iron phosphate, lithium-titanate and lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide are just three examples of the types of active materials being used. In the foreseeable future, silicon on the anode will play an increasingly major role. Sold-state batteries are also gaining ground and are progressing in leaps and bounds to become market-ready. Dual-layer capacitors are also being used ever more frequently in applications that require very high powers. Our experts are developing and validating the latest generations of our energy storage block, incorporating the very latest cell technology.

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