Optimize your energy use with us!

We want to break the current dependence on outdated infrastructures, fossil fuels and large energy suppliers. Together with you, we would like to seize the opportunity to build a self-determined energy supply in companies, thereby enabling a long-term and sustainable change in the energy network. With the help of our technology and know-how, we make the energy market accessible for industrial and commercial companies and thus contribute to change.

The picture portrays the CEO of Commeo.

“Only those who free themselves from classical action, thinking and business can act in a self-determined manner.”

Michael Schnakenberg, CEO Commeo GmbH

This is what we stand for

  • Commeo is 100 % technology independent and 100 % owner of the technology of the products.
  • focus is on industry and commercial.
  • investments in technology and know-how
  • sustainability-based strategy for the energy supply of the future in Europe and the world
The picture illustrates a dedicated man working in the Commeo production hall.

Facts about sustainability


Recycling Efficiency
By continuously optimizing our recycling processes, we exceed the legal requirement.


Green Electricity
Our production is supplied exclusively from green energy sources.


Decrease in energy consumption per block
The energy required to produce one block was reduced by almost half within one year.


Commitment to quality and environmental protection at Commeo: We are committed to providing high-quality products and maintain strict standards. Through periodic and independent certifications of our quality management system and a focus on sustainable environmental practices, we ensure that our customers receive a high-quality and environmentally conscious product.

Das Bild zeigt ein TÜV Nord Zertifizierung für Qualitätsmanagement. Es handelt sich um ein rundes Abzeichen mit dem Schriftzug "TÜV Nord Cert GmbH ISO 9001"
Das Bild zeigt ein TÜV Nord Zertifizierung für Umweltmanangement. Es handelt sich um ein rundes Abzeichen mit dem Schriftzug "TÜV Nord Cert GmbH ISO 14001"


In 2024, one of the largest battery module production facilities for stationary lithium-ion battery storage systems in Germany, the CommeoPark, will open in Wallenhorst just outside Osnabrück on an initial area of around 19,000 square meters with an initial production capacity of 1 GWh.

Innovation, safety, growth

Our new company site will combine innovative production facilities, an advanced trainee and service center as well as state-of-the-art premises for development and administration at a single location and its building infrastructure will meet all requirements for comprehensive information and data security in accordance with ISO27001. In addition, a further 100 jobs will be created in the first construction phase.
But that’s not all: we are thinking ahead and already have further expansion stages in the pipeline, including plans to increase production capacity to 4 GWh per year over the next few years.

A sense of responsibility

As part of the Osnabrücker Land ‘100% Climate Protection Master Plan’ model region, we are committed to the goals of this ambitious climate protection program. We are therefore committed to self-determination – not only with regard to our range, but above all with regard to our energy. As a pioneer in the industry, we show what is possible when a wide variety of energy sources are intelligently combined: A powerful 485 kWp photovoltaic system, the connection to wind power plants in the city of Osnabrück