Versatile, modular, location-independent

Our unique BESS container landscape offers you innovative possibilities to guarantee your energy supply independent of a specific location.


Our energy supply containers can be used almost anywhere and provide maximum protection for your energy storage and energy management systems. They support your charging infrastructure and enable you to utilise your self-generated energy for electricity trading or optimised self-consumption – all without having to compromise on security and performance.

The present picture shows a Commeo energy storage container.

HPC Cube

Our HPC Cube is the ideal all-in-one energy solution for your company‘s charging infrastructure, offering a charging station, battery storage system and energy management all in one ready-to-use package. The Cube can be easily connected to renewable energy sources and guarantees high-power charging without the need for an expensive extension to the grid connection.

Advantages of our container solutions

Flexibility in any location

The container can be set up anywhere and provides you with a reliable energy supply completely according to your own needs.

Maximum the use of self-generated energy

Sell surplus energy and maximise your income.

No project planning effort

We take care of the planning and implementation of the turnkey energy supply solution so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Scalable solution

You can upgrade the container modularly to flexibly adapt your energy supply to increasing demands.

Security against vandalism

Our containers are robust and vandal-proof to protect your investment against unwanted interference.

Simple installation

Our team takes care of the delivery, installation and commissioning of the container so that you are up and running quickly.

No limitations

The Cube enables HPC charging even with a power-limited grid connection and eliminates the need for a grid extension.

Multi-use approach

HPC charging in conjunction with energy optimisation, peak shaving and energy trading ensures rapid amortization.

Minimal conversion losses

The DC-DC charging technology of the HPC Cube enables efficient, economical and safe energy transfer.