Energy storage from Commeo

From blocks to cabinets to containers – Commeo provides you with unprecedented flexibility to build a sustainable and economical energy supply. Say goodbye to dependence on conventional energy structures and hello to self-determination over your energy.

Energy supply : Independent, flexible, fast

Our value chain

We develop and produce our battery systems and energy storage solutions in-house, allowing us to respond to your requirements in a self-determined and flexible manner and to develop our products and solutions accordingly. We are proud of our vertical integration, our sustainable production and, of course, our products themselves, which are entitled to the quality seal “Made in Germany” without any ifs and buts.

We meet industry standards

Our storage systems are characterized by a safety level that is unique on the market, which enables a simplified fire protection concept. Our collaboration with TÜV Rheinland guarantees the consistently high quality and reliability of our systems.

Standards applied

  • Functional safety according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2016-06, Performance Level PL d
  • Safety during transport: UN38.3 Rev. 7
  • Electrical safety: DIN EN 61010-1:2011-07
  • Battery safety: DIN EN 62619:2017-11
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: DIN EN IEC 61000-6-2:2019-11; DIN EN IEC 61000-6-4:2020-09

Fire protection at module level
In the extremely unlikely event of a thermal runaway of a battery cell, the patented flame filter prevents it from spreading to neighboring modules by preventing flames from escaping.

Automatically shut down by BMS
If an energy storage block reaches a critical state, e.g. if the temperature is too high, the storage system is automatically switched off by the high-quality battery management system. Thanks to extensive self-tests of the electronics, shutdown capability is guaranteed at all times.

No fire protection room required
Due to the measures mentioned above, no special fire protection room is required for the operation of Commeo systems. A separate operating room with flue gas extraction is sufficient.

Our answer to your challenges 

Create a safe, reliable and intelligent power supply for your company. We have a solution for each of your applications, whether in the low-voltage or high-voltage range.

Energy storage block

Our centerpiece

Whether high performance, large amounts of energy or a combination of both: The requirements for battery storage are as diverse as our customers. With the modular energy storage blocks esbL and esbC at the heart of our energy storage solutions, we are the only supplier on the market able to provide the right answer to all requirements.

On the picture you can see 2 energy storage blocks.

Control unit

The nerve center

No body functions completely without a brain, which collects all sensory impressions, evaluates them and triggers adapted reactions. Likewise, it is only through the ccuHV or ccu48V control units that our high-voltage and 48 V battery systems acquire their intelligence, which ensures that information can be exchanged with other systems and that the forces of the batteries can be bundled and provided absolutely safely, reliably and permanently.

On the picture you can see the Commeo high voltage control unit.

Tailored to your requirements

Save the cost of separate battery rooms and still sleep well without worrying about the safety of your power supply.

HV battery system

High voltage power supply

Electrical storage systems are the basis for a self-determined energy supply in times of the energy transition, as they can deliver their power at any time and independently of the fluctuating availability of renewable energies. The wide range of configurations and possible combinations make our energy storage systems a tailor-made suit for your company.

This image presents a battery storage system from Commeo.

48V system

Specialist for exceptional tasks

A safe and stable power supply for electrically operated machines for stationary and mobile applications: Our 48V-C and 48V-L systems combine the outstanding performance and flexibility of our energy storage blocks with a further reduced space requirement, thus optimally meeting the exceptional requirements of special machine construction.

The picture shows two energy storage blocks from Commeo and a control unit 48V

48V system ‘Edge UPS’

Space saver for ensuring power supply

Never again interruptions in the power supply of your critical infrastructure! With our 48V system ‘Edge UPS’ you get highest performance for a decentralized, uninterruptible power supply with 3 phases and 400 V AC output voltage in smallest space and with highest security level.

The present picture shows a Commeo battery storage used in the UPS area.