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Commeo – energy storage solutions.

The Commeo GmbH is a young company that has turned towards one of the key future technologies with their innovative energy storage solutions. Using the latest lithium-ion battery technology implemented in a specifically developed housing Commeo provides an extraordinary flexible system for a broad range of applications. Discover the endless possibilites of our energy storage solutions and configure your own system according to your needs. 
Using Commeo for your individual storage solution.


energy storage block

  • high energy density
  • plug & play
  • innovative thermal management
  • high safety by in-house BMS
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energy storage rack

  • countless interconnection possibilities
  • freely selectable voltage level
  • optimally tuned storage size
  • scalable up to several MWh
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energy storage container

  • turnkey solutions
  • 10, 20 or 40 ft container
  • -30 °C to 55 °C ambient temperature
  • completely air-conditioned
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Our configurator for your individual and highly efficient energy storage solution!