Art of engineering abreast with science.

Who would have thought how important lithium-ion batteries have actually become in the last couple of years? We have recognized the signs of our times and developed a unique product that is applicable to the latest industrial energy storage challenges. 

Advanced technology also means ongoing development. In order to provide highest quality and efficiency now and in the future, we are steadily improving our products. Recognizing future trends and implementing novel standards is our day-to-day business. COMMEO will confidently accompany you into the future. 


lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion battery technology has fundamentally changed our lives: from smartphone to electric vehicle to large-scale energy storage. The points of contact are numerous. However, lithium-ion battery does not equal  lithium-ion battery. There is a multitude of cell chemistries (i.a. iron phosphate, titanate or NMC) that use the same basic principle, yet provide completely different advantages in application. It is Commeo's job to evaluate your individual challenge and accordingly choose the most suitable cell chemistry. 


thermal management

The lithium-ion cell is a true power house. However, if you want to use a lot of power in a short period of time, large amounts of heat will occur. It is crucial to efficiently dissipate that heat to make the battery module just as powerful as the single cell. Using an innovative, passive cooling system, Commeo is able to withdraw very high currents from each energy storage block.


Operational surveillance of battery related parameters is crucial for the safety of the lithium-ion technology. Due to our quality aspiration we chose to develop our own, highly modern battery management system (BMS). The BMS is an essential part of each block monitoring all relevant safety parameters with a high frequency and accuracy and providing a digital interface to all associated systems.



The modular concept of Commeo enables you to freely choose a voltage level without having to give up any amounts of energy or power. Our innovate interconnection topology provides several hundred possibilities on just one energy storage rack. Feel free to use our configurator and explore your individual energy storage solution by Commeo. 


research & development

quality and product optimization

We realize our high aspirations regarding quality and product optimization via our own testing equiment for cells, battery modules, power electronics and battery management systems. Within our electronic testing laboratory our products are tested in temperature controlled environments to provide reliable and transparent performance results for our customers. Simultaneously, we are able to simulate and evaluate novel battery chemistries, which enables Commeo to immediately implement technology advances into new products.

future prospects

converter technology

The importance of bidirectionality of an uninterruptible power supply is steadily growing. Why should your UPS system not be able to participate in the energy management of your company? That is why we develop a novel converter technology, which is easily implemented in the modular concept of Commeo and which will be available in 2018. 


new cell technologies

Already there is a multitude of cell chemistries in lithium-ion technology. Lithium iron phosphate, titanate and nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide are just a few examples of facilitated active materials. Within the near future, the importance of silicon on the anode will rise. Solid-state batteries are pushing towards market maturity. Double layer capacitors are being increasingly used in high power applications. Our experts develop and evaluate new generations of our energy storage block with latest cell technologies.

new IT standards

There is change occuring in the IT sector, especially regarding the design and power of server racks. Under the organisation of the Open Compute Project (OCP) engineers from several renowned global companies develop a common standard for the power supply and UPS integration directly in the IT rack. Commeo considers all OCP requirements within the development of their products in order to stay compatibel with IT infrastructure in the future.


expansion of charging infrastructure

Electromobility will only work, if there is a correspondingly broad network of charging stations. Subsequently, what will happen if there are several cars using the ability to fast charge at a given location simultaneously? The grid will have to undergo serious fluctuations, which need to be taken care of. In this case, a large-scale lithium-ion battery system is able to decrease local power peaks in demand. In cooperation with our partners, we develop conclusive energy storage concepts of charging locations.