Flexible energy storage for your application

From blocks to cabinets to containers – Commeo provides you with unprecedented flexibility to build a sustainable and economical energy supply. Say goodbye to dependence on conventional energy structures and hello to self-determination over your energy.

Made in Ger­many: Energy Storage Systems

Our value chain

We develop and produce our battery systems and energy storage solutions in-house, allowing us to respond to your requirements in a self-determined and flexible manner and to develop our products and solutions accordingly. We are proud of our vertical integration, our sustainable production and, of course, our products themselves, which are entitled to the quality seal “Made in Germany” without any ifs and buts.

We meet industry standards.

Why NMC tech­no­lo­gy?

We rely on NMC technology (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt oxides) for good reason. This Lithium-ion technology makes it possible to manufacture battery systems with a higher energy density compared to other common storage technologies. The high-power NMC used at Commeo also brings with it significantly increased cycle stability. The combination of high capacity and long service life makes our system ideal for your industrial applications.

The image presents a section of an industrial area. In the foreground there is a white pictogram symbolizing energy supply.

Our answer to the challenges of sustainable energy supply

Create a safe, reliable and intelligent power supply for your company. We have a solution for each of your applications, whether in the low-voltage or high-voltage range.

Energy storage block – our centrepiece

Whether high performance, large amounts of energy or a combination of both: The requirements for battery storage are as diverse as our customers. With the modular energy storage blocks esbL and esbC at the heart of our energy storage solutions, we are the only supplier on the market able to provide the right answer to all requirements.

Technical details
  • Lithium-ion technology (NMC), suitable for 48 V and high-voltage systems
  • energy content per block: 1.1 – 5.4 kWh
  • capacity per block: 21.1 – 105 Ah
  • expected number of cycles > 10,000 full cycles (depending on model)
  • charge/discharge rates (permanent):
    • esbC112: 0.8C / 4.C
    • esbC141: 0.5C / 2.0C
    • esbL54: 1.8C / 1.8C
  • energy density per block: 126.4 – 213.2 Wh/l
  • power density per block: 227.1 – 647.1 W/l
  • Maximum fire protection: Innovative flame filter (esbL) prevents flames from spreading in the event of a fire and thus protects against fire damage in the surrounding area.
On the picture you can see 2 energy storage blocks.

Control unit – the nerve center

No body functions completely without a brain, which collects all sensory impressions, evaluates them and triggers adapted reactions. Likewise, it is only through the ccuHV or ccu48V control units that our high-voltage and 48 V battery systems acquire their intelligence, which ensures that information can be exchanged with other systems and that the forces of the batteries can be bundled and provided absolutely safely, reliably and permanently.

Technical details
  • touch-protected connection sockets according to industry standards
  • web-based UserInterface
  • CAN Bus & Ethernet interface
  • 24 V DC auxiliary voltage for supplying external devices
  • integrated high speed fuse & all-pole cut-off relay (ccuHV)
  • concentrated intelligence in a small space – flexible installation (ccu48V/ccu48VC)
On the picture you can see the Commeo high voltage control unit.

Our intrinsically safe systems are tailored to your applications.

Save the cost of separate battery rooms and still sleep well without worrying about the safety of your power supply.

HV battery system – high-voltage power supply

Electrical storage systems are the basis for a self-determined energy supply in times of the energy transition, as they can deliver their power at any time and independently of the fluctuating availability of renewable energies. The wide range of configurations and possible combinations make our energy storage systems a tailor-made suit for your company.

Your advantages
  • finely scalable solutions through modular design at block and system level – from a few kW up to several MW
  • freely selectable voltage level between 48 V and 800 V
  • open interface for energy management system and inverter
  • optimized thermal management
  • specialized expansion variants for indoor and outdoor applications are possible by using industrially proven cabinet systems
  • unmatched safety level at block and system level (Performance Level = d) – eliminates the need for special battery rooms at the installation site
This image presents a battery storage system from Commeo.

48V system – specialist for exceptional tasks

A safe and stable power supply for electrically operated machines for stationary and mobile applications: Our 48V-C and 48V-L systems combine the outstanding performance and flexibility of our energy storage blocks with a further reduced space requirement, thus optimally meeting the exceptional requirements of special machine construction.

Your advantages
  • unique and functional design and cooling concept – eliminates the need for external cooling in most cases
  • optimal communication with the machine through flexible CAN bus/Ethernet interface configurable for all applications
  • flexible installation in limited installation spaces – highest adaptability to customer requirements
  • bidirectional communication capability (Industry 4.0)
The picture shows two energy storage blocks from Commeo and a control unit 48V

48V system ‘Edge UPS’ – Space miracle for ensuring power supply

Never again interruptions in the power supply of your critical infrastructure! With our 48V system ‘Edge UPS’ you get highest performance for a decentralized, uninterruptible power supply with 3 phases and 400 V AC output voltage in smallest space and with highest security level.

Your advantages
  • provision of 3 – 12 kW power at 400 V AC output voltage
  • extensive diagnostic functions of the inverter and the battery system via web interface
  • flexible selection of inverter modules – depending on the model/manufacturer, these can be replaced during operation (“hot swappable”)
  • Bridging times of 10 to 180 minutes are possible per standard rack (600 x 1200 x 600 mm).
  • The small-scale scalability allows the system to be individually adapted to your requirements.
The present picture shows a Commeo battery storage used in the UPS area.

Commeo EC system – symbiosis of software and hardware

Whether as a pure control center or with integrated power electronics – the Commeo Energy Control Systems represent our solution for planning, visualizing and controlling energy and information flows in any infrastructure. Among other things, the included energy management software makes a decisive contribution to the security and sustainability of the energy supply in your company by supporting almost all industrial standard interfaces – now and in the future!

Your advantages
  • Asset Administration Shell – monitoring, control and configuration of all energy and information flows via virtual twins and administration shells (AAS).
  • Single sourcing – networking of all relevant devices/assets in your energy infrastructure through open interfaces and a common language
  • simple & effective usability – simple tool to control any system at the push of a button and without programming knowledge
  • modular add-ons – additional devices or functionalities can be added to the EC System databases at any time and with little effort.
On the picture you can see the Commeo energy management system.

Mobile energy supply for your company

Whether temporary support or permanent solution: With our energy supply containers you get an entire energy supply system compressed to the size of a truck load and 100 % outdoor-capable.

Energy supply containers – all-rounders for demanding tasks

Our unique BESS Container opens up unimagined possibilities for you to flexibly, modularly and location-independently protect your energy supply, support your charging infrastructure and optimally use your self-generated energy for electricity trading or optimized self-consumption – and all this without having to compromise on safety and performance.

Your advantages
  • Maximum use of self-generated energy: Sell surplus energy and maximize your revenue.
  • Flexibility at any location: The container can be placed anywhere and provides you with a reliable energy supply, according to your needs.
  • No project planning effort: We take care of the planning and implementation of the turnkey energy supply solution, so you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Easy installation: Our team takes care of delivery, installation and commissioning of the container so that you can be up and running quickly.
  • Scalable solution: You can upgrade the container modularly to flexibly adapt your energy supply to increasing demands.
  • Security against vandalism: Our containers are robust and vandal-proof to protect your investment against unwanted intrusions.
The present picture shows a Commeo energy storage container.

More than just

battery storage

– our services


We are very proud of our self-developed products and fully convinced of their quality and performance. But we also know that comprehensive and successful energy management is not just about hardware or software. That’s why we provide you with support in all phases of the project and, beyond that, in the realization and development of your energy infrastructure. Through our services, we help you to get the most out of your investment and to achieve your energy goals.

Your advantages

As your reliable partner for all aspects of your energy supply, we support you in the best possible way with:

  • project planning and coordination
  • demand analysis and storage design
  • technical assessment of your energy infrastructure
  • advice on the installation site
  • delivery, commissioning and installation on site
  • configuration, installation and implementation of hardware and software for energy management
  • support for the integration of existing consumers, producers and prosumers or for subsequent extensions of the infrastructure – both technical and energetic/digital
  • individual software developments for special use cases
The picture shows two hands carefully pushing a Commeo block into a cabinet.

Energy Services

Experience optimized energy management with Commeo’s comprehensive services. We help you become more energy and financially independent and gain long-term supply and planning security through the efficient and intelligent use of your energy. Unlock new business models through the provision of energy, gain deep insights into the carbon footprint of all processes and components in your business, and thereby support your sustainability management.

Unleash the full potential of your energy infrastructure with Commeo!

Your advantages
  • Cloud services: secure data storage, rapid deployment, smart maintenance and digital services for optimized energy management and efficient charging infrastructure
  • Trading services: Generate income by trading self-generated energy, benefit from energy price fluctuations, ensure long-term planning security and contribute to the stability of the public power grid.
  • Energy optimization: Optimize energy flows, increase self-consumption of renewable energy, reduce deployment costs, and maximize the performance and lifetime of your energy storage systems.
  • CO2 data: comprehensive sustainability assessments, reliable carbon footprint analysis, and data-driven optimization to support sustainable business management
  • Energy Supply Services: Establish an economical and secure power supply, intelligently manage energy consumption, prevent downtime, extend equipment life, and avoid costly grid upgrades.
In a production hall, a woman and a man are wearing safety clothing, looking intently at a tablet.