Versatility bears a name: COMMEO.

From block to rack to container - Receive unprecedented flexibility for your energy storage system with solutions of COMMEO. Our construction provides a simple integration of each block in standard industrial or IT racks. Even large-scale storage solutions are no problem for our system, as our energy storage racks offer an extensive scalability. Feel free to configure your individual storage solution according to your needs.

energy storage block

The energy storage block is the center piece of all Commeo products. Throughout development we focus on a future-oriented approach. Instead of using just one cell chemistry and cell type, our energy storage block is specifically designed to accept various cell types and chemistries to meet your individual energy storage challenge.

product data sheet


  • plug & play with an innovative and industrially compatible plugging system
  • in-house, state-of-the-art battery management system
  • novel and efficient thermal management
  • energy densities of up to 160 Wh/kg and 250 Wh/l
  • power densities of up to 450 W/kg and 650 W/l
  • looping through 1000 V and 200 A
  • unique and functional design
  • toolless assembly
  • redundant safety systems
  • able to communicate via CAN-Bus
  • certified to highest national and international standards

facts & figures

up to
750 Vnominal voltage

up to
170 kWnominal power

up to
84 kWhnominal energy

up to
700 kgweight

Our configurator for your individual and highly efficient energy storage solution!

energy storage rack

Implementing the energy storage blocks in standard industrial or IT racks concludes in the Commeo energy storage racks. Countless interconnection possibilities of the energy storage blocks within a single rack enable Commeo to design an energy storage solution that is optimally tuned towards your application. Herein, you can flexibly choose a voltage level between 50 V and 1000 V, while buying only exactly the amount of energy you need.

product data sheet


  • over 300 different interconnection possiblities
  • freely selectable voltage level between 50 V and 1000 V
  • up to 850 A per rack
  • optimized thermal management between rack and block
  • swarm intelligence between all energy storage blocks
  • optimally tuned storage size
  • energy density of up to 100 Wh/l
  • power density of up to 300 W/l
  • scalable to several MWh
  • certified to highest national and international standards

energy storage container

Connecting several energy storage racks in parallel enables us to provide high amounts of power and energy in the MW and MWh range, respectively. Herein, scalability is unlimited. In cooperation with our business partners we provide turnkey and thoroughly tested large-scale battery storage systems for your application.


  • turnkey grid solution or mere battery storage system
  • 10, 20 or 40 ft. container or directly inside the building
  • ambient operation temperature of -30 °C to 55 °C 
  • full air-condition optional
  • early fire detection and extinction system optional
  • ISO 1164, ISO 668 and IP654