Commeo EMS energy management system

Commeo’s battery storage system gives you a highly functional, flexible and extremely safe energy supply solution for all sorts of different areas of use – and the integrated control and monitoring software allows the storage modules and the systems as a whole to be configured to suit requirements. However, battery storage is only part of a comprehensive energy and system infrastructure and can only exploit its full potential if the interaction with other components works.

This is where the Commeo EMS energy management system comes into play: Digital images of real devices and structures with all their properties, interfaces and energy and information flows make it possible to plan, implement and control comprehensive energy management. What sounds complicated at first can be easily implemented in practice thanks to the underlying, object-based databases for functions and devices, even without programming knowledge.

Made in Germany: As a Li-ion battery manufacturer in Germany, Commeo offers turnkey energy storage solutions from a single source – from the development and production of individual storage blocks to the construction of entire energy storage systems. Feedback and requirements from our customers can thus flow directly into the design and further development of the products.

Grafik mit Piktogrammen beschreibt die Möglichkeiten eines Energiemanagementsystems (EMS). Es können Verschiedendste Hardware über das Commeo EMS gesteuert werden und somit einen Commeo Batteriespeicher optimal nutzen.

Concept & function – The idea behind the Commeo EMS

  • Single Sourcing
    The Commeo EMS connects every hardware and infrastructure in your company. The energy flows can be controlled by the Commeo software.
  • Simple & effective usability
    This software is an easy tool that can control every facility with the push of a button and without any programming knowledge.
  • Real-time capability
    This software creates a real-time virtual twin, so that customers can control or configure the systems as desired.
  • Modular Add-Ons
    Additional devices or functionalities can be added to the EMS databases at any time and with little efforts.

Your added value

  • price of electricity is reduced (through lower fees for lower power level of mains connection)
  • electricity consumption from the public grid decreases (through optimised use of your self-generated energy)
  • your electric vehicles can be charged faster by increasing the maximum charging power (more attractive for customers & employees)
  • your production runs smoothly (no damages due to power outages)
  • … and much, much more!

Examples for applications

Examples for High Voltage (HV) applications

Self-consumption optimisation

  • If there is a surplus of e. g. PV power, the battery system is charged; if the battery is fully charged, the building is supplied with PV power.
  • If only the building has to be supplied, the energy consumption can be reduced by using the battery system when the PV current is low.

Peak Shaving

  • Commeo PiktogrammDepending on customer requirements, a maximum power level coming from the grid is set.
  • If the consumption is higher than the set maximum mains power, the battery system supplies the additional power required so that the set maximum power level is not exceeded.
  • This significantly reduces the costs for the provision of energy by the grid operator.

Uninterrutible Power Supply (UPS)

  • In case of a main power failure energy from the battery system is taken to either ensure a further operation of a device or to provide enough energy for a controlled shutdown.
  • The devices can be prioritised to ensure a longer power supply for certain devices.

Booster function for charging stations

  • If the power limit of the grid connection is reached, power from a battery system is used to support the charging process and to extend the available charging power.
  • The result is a faster charging process.

Examples for 48 V applications

Automatic loading of driverless transport systems

  • The charging processes of your battery-powered automated guided vehicles can be controlled fully automatically so that human intervention is no longer necessary.
  • At the same time, the preset energy sources are automatically selected (e. g. PV, public grid, etc.).

Various expansion variants of the EMS

EC Systems

  • EC-C Advanced
  • EC-C Pro

ED-P Systeme

  • ED-P2

ED-R Systeme

  • ED-R6
  • ED-R12

EC-D Systeme

  • EC-D6 Pro
  • EC-D12 Pro

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