Energy Storage Block

The Flexible Team Player

The energy storage block is the core module of all Commeo products. When developing the block, the approach we adopt is a futuristic one. Instead of following the approach adopted by other market players, who have devoted all of their efforts to a single chemical composition and a single cell type, our energy storage block has been specially constructed to incorporate many different current cell types and chemical compositions.


  • plug & Play thanks to their innovative and industry-standard plug-in system
  • a state-of-the-art battery management system that we developed ourselves
  • an innovative and efficient heat management system
  • energy densities of up to 160 Wh/kg or 250 Wh/l
  • a power density of up to 450 W/kg or 650 W/l
  • loop-through properties of 1000 V and 200 A
  • a unique and functional design
  • tool-less assembly
  • a redundant back-up system
  • communications facility via CAN bus

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