Commeo Energy Storage Block High Energy/High Power

Made in Germany: As the first battery manufacturer, we offer turnkey system solutions from a single source. From the energy storage block to the rack concept and control unit, all the components of the battery
system have been developed by Commeo. All feedbacks or requirements from our customers flow directly into the design and development of our product.



  • Innovative & efficient heat management system
  • energy densities of up to 160 Wh/kg or 250 Wh/l
  • a power density of up to 450 W/kg or 650 W/l
  • loop-through properties of 1000 V and 200 A

Commeo Energy Storage Block

  • a unique and functional design
  • available as serial block, parallel block and end block
  • specially developed and highly functional battery management system
  • unique and functional internal and external design
  • communications facility via CAN bus
Commeo Energiespeicherblock

A sophisticated cabinet design

  • highly efficient thermal management – eliminates the need for water cooling
  • effective insulation design ensures surge voltage resistance of 9.6 kV at module level
  • compact and sophisticated design allows tool-less mounting

Convenient monitoring function

The current system mode can be read off from the LEDs, which are positioned at the front ot the energy storage block. This makes it easy to check or example the temperature and state of charge (SoC) of a block before installation


Innovative and industrial standards connectors

A HV system string contains up to 3 High Energy/High Power modules, which can be plugged into one another to form a string. This possibility for flexible configuration allows finely scalable system solutions to be realized for the optimum implementation of a wide range of requirements.

  • plug & Play thanks to their innovative and industry-standard plug-in system
  • automatic internconnection within blocks


Which added value do the Commeo battery storage offer?

The added value is the high level of safety and the high performance of our energy storage systems. Our system needs low space requirements so that separate battery rooms is not needed. Furthermore, we offers you a Full-Service. Together with you and your customer we will create a whole concept for effective, future-proof design of the energy storage system.

Why are Commeo battery system safe?

When handled correctly, Commeo battery systems are not dangerous.
Commeo has implemented a multi-level, redundant security system in the energy storage blocks and systems. Due

  • to a robust aluminium housing
  • a relay
  • a safety fuse
  • an intelligent battery management system (BMS) that Commeo developed itself and which monitors temperature, voltage and other safety-relevant parameters and counteracts them if necessary
  • a control unit

and other features relevant to safety, Commeo products are state-of-the-art.

Which benefits can be expected from Commeo?

Development expertise
From the energy storage block to the rack concept and control unit, all the components of the battery system have been developed by Commeo. The Commeo battery system has been specially developed in
Germany in line with the highest European safety and quality standards.

Thanks to regional suppliers and complete freedom in deciding on the components used, we are fully independent of global political and economic developments.

Connection suitability
We provide our partners with an innovative developer interface so that external peripherals can be connected to our battery systems. In this way, we ensure that current and future converters, chargers,
controllers etc. – plus protocols and data formats – can be used with our battery systems.

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