Countless Interconnection Configurations
to Meet Your Requirements

Implementing an energy storage block inside a standard industrial or IT rack is what led to the Commeo energy storage rack. Within a single energy storage rack, the energy storage blocks can be interconnected in countless configurations in order to create a storage system optimally tailored to the application concerned. The users of storage systems of this type can choose voltages between 48 V and 800 V, thereby making purchasing too many kilowatt hours a thing of the past.


  • countless interconnection configurations
  • a battery system with safety features built in
  • high discharging power
  • voltages freely selectable from 48 V to 800 V
  • current of up to 200 A per energy storage rack
  • your own choice of inverter
  • optimised heat management between block and rack
  • swarm intelligence by networking all energy storage blocks together
  • optimum energy configuration
  • energy density of up to 100 Wh/L
  • power density of up to 300 W/L
  • scalable up to several MWh

energy storage blocks



HV control unit



HV system

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