Commeo Software

Whether as a pure control centre or with integrated power electronics and reporting function – our Energy Control System represents the highly networked solution for visualisation, control and continuous optimisation of energy and information flows in any energy infrastructure.

Energy Control System

Our Energy Control System, ECS for short, makes a significant contribution to the security,sustainability and continuous improvement of the energy supply in your company – now and in the future. Through the symbiosis of software and hardware, the Commeo ECS creates an asset administration shell (AAS) platform that can be used to network and control every digitally communicating system in your energy infrastructure. We use the latest standards of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) for this purpose. You receive a detailed overview of the energy flows in your company and can control your suppliers, consumers and prosumers at the touch of a button and without any programming knowledge. Thanks to almost all industrial standard interfaces, connection to your existing energy infrastructure is not a problem. Integration of the highest IT security standards also guarantees reliable protection of your sensitive energy and information data.

Energy Optimisation

Optimise energy flows and supply prices.Bring your energy infrastructure up to date and save costs by making the best possible use of your hardware and selfgenerated energy.

Self-Consumption Optimisation

Make more out of your energy and become more independent! Store selfgenerated energy surpluses from renewable energy sources, use them at the appropriate time and thereby increase your degree of self-sufficiency.

Lifetime Optimisation

Highest performance in the long term. We always operate our energy storage systems in the optimal range to sustainably realize the best possible priceperformance ratio for you over the entire lifetime of a system.

Peak Shaving

Lower energy provisioning costs through fewer peak loads. Your provisioning prices are largely based on your peak consumption – with our intelligent systems, you can compensate for peak loads with energy from battery storage and thus reduce provisioning costs, and, at the same time, extend the service
life of machines.

Trading Services

Actively generate income with selfgenerated electricity. Benefit from the opportunities to trade your energy with us on the electricity market and to ensure self-determined energy supply and marketing.

Time Shifting

Energy at the best possible price. Use the volatility of renewable energies and the resulting energy price fluctuations to your advantage by purchasing and storing electricity exactly when it is cheapest.

Derivatives Market

Long-term planning security for your energy supply. With our services, you can trade your energy on the derivatives market for electricity and make the income and costs of the energy supply individually plannable through different terms.

Grid Services

Support the public grid with your energy. Provide reliable and effective primary control services with our energy storage solutions and contribute to the stability of the public grid.

Energy Trading

Trade your self-generated energy. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the interaction of energy storage, time-of-day-overproduction, timedelayed energy provision and intelligent networking to turn your energy into a business model.

Cloud Services

Secure data storage in Germany. Backup of your data and permanent remote services for fast implementation, smart maintenance and digital services.

Forecast-Based Charging Infrastructure

Operate charging stations the best way. Expand your business opportunities by providing a charging infrastructure that efficiently organises charging operations based on forecasted energy availability, supports them with boost energy from battery storage, and reliably bills them afterwards.

Weather Data

Provision of weather data. Organise and optimise energy flows in your infrastructure based on the forecasted availability of energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Supporting Energy Data

Provide data to optimise energy management. Use operational and historical data of balancing groups to enable the trouble-free connection between the virtual world of electricity trading and the physical world of your energy infrastructure – for example, through forecast-based charging of e-vehicles.

Billing Services

Integration with your software. Take advantage of automated billing thanks to direct connection of your energy sources with booking and ERP systems.


Data as the basis for sustainable corporate management. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your energy infrastructure on the basis of all relevant energy-related key figures and thus ensure continuous optimisation in order to support your sustainability management in the long term.

CO2 Footprint

By reporting your energy footprint in detail, we enable you to make reliable statements about the CO2 footprint of your electricity mix and thus support sustainable decisions.

Warranty Mode

The visualisation, automatic compliance and continuous monitoring of specified limit values and the detailed history of relevant warranty data guarantee the longevity of our systems.

Digital Product Passport

As part of the requirements of the European Green Deal, we supply the necessary energy data to provide you with the best possible support when creating Digital Product Passports.

Displaying the Electricity Mix

With us, you always have an overview of where the energy in your company comes from and how it is finally used. This information
enables you to make effective adjustments and maximise the resulting benefits.

Energy Supply Services

Establish a permanently economical and secure energy supply at calculable electricity prices by intelligently linking hardware and software and minimising production downtimes.

UPS and Emergency Power Supply

Ensure energy supply and prevent production downtime and economic damage.

Intelligent Energy Supply

Building an intelligent energy supply network together. We connect all producers, consumers and prosumers with each other in order to continuously optimise the use of energy in your company and control it according to your demands.

Stabilisation of Energy

Minimize energy fluctuations and load peaks to extend the service life of electrical components and machines.

Increase Mains Connection

Increase the maximum power of the grid connection. Through the intelligent use of battery storage systems, for example for load management of charging infrastructures, you can avoid costs for upgrading your grid connection.