1. August 2023
The picture illustrates the process by which a photovoltaic system specialist installs such a system on a roof.

What is Self-Consumption-Optimization?

Optimize your self-consumption of renewable energy with Commeo energy storage solutions.
4. July 2023
Two Commeo battery storage units are installed in the Wilo container.

WILO Projects GmbH

Wilo's H2-Powerplant converts solar power into green hydrogen and reliably backs up commercial operations ...
4. July 2023
The picture shows the external view of "Tortenschmied" in Weyarn.

Der Tortenschmied, Weyarn

Our battery storage solution (52 kWh) was installed at Der Tortenschmied in Weyarn.
6. June 2023
The picture shows a Commeo employee who is in the process of installing the battery storage system at Stadtwerke Witten.

Stadtwerke Witten

Our battery storage solution (81 kWh) supports Stadtwerke Witten in optimizing their own demand.
6. March 2023
The picture illustrates a robust energy storage container located in the outdoor area of Göckemeyer Metallbau GmbH.

Metal construction Göckemeyer

Installation of a jointly developed energy storage container with a total capacity of 120.1 kWh for multi-use without feeding energy into the public grid.
6. March 2023
The picture presents a state-of-the-art system consisting of a Commeo battery storage system with pouch technology and a Kaco inverter installed in a gym in Hövelhof, Germany.

Commeo develops technology for climate-neutral fitness studios

More and more sports enthusiasts are also paying attention not only to their health, but increasingly to the protection ...