A suitable solution to meet all of your needs

Commeo energy storage solutions are used in a great many sectors and fields. Our innovative, modular system guarantees an uninterruptible power supply for sensitive applications, such as those that are used in the IT sector. Fluctuations within the electricity network can be levelled out by offsetting energy storage and supply over time. Their high energy and power density mean that Commeo energy storage solutions are just as suitable for use in transport applications such as mobile robots, as they are in driverless transportation systems.


Emergency Power Supply / Uninterruptible Power Supply

Does your company suffer from unpredictable power outages?

Commeo Piktogramm

Peak Shaving

Do you use very high quantities of electricity at certain times and are your energy costs going through the roof?

Commeo Piktogramm

Charging Infrastructure

Is your network connection cable insufficient to provide this service?



Are your electricity costs very high even with your renewable energies?


Additional Applications

Don’t forget to investigate our additional applications.