Acting sustainably and economically

Do you want a self-determined energy supply for your company in order to be able to act economically and achieve sustainability goals? Together, we make your regeneratively generated electricity usable at any time and independently, thus optimizing your electricity consumption and giving you the security of being able to calculate electricity prices and consumption in the future.

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Your individual energy supply

Together we develop individual energy supply concepts for your applications. With our ‘Made in Germany’ storage technology as a connector, we make it possible to build up a sustainable energy supply in your company. Together with us, you determine your energy supply yourself and automatically contribute to CO2 reduction and efficient energy use.

The image presents the words "Made in Germany" in capital letters, accompanied by the horizontally cut German flag below.
The picture shows a part of the Commeo hardware landscape.

Sustainability and economic efficiency go hand in hand.

The picture illustrates the CEO of Commeo in the production hall, while in the background two production employees are working on their jobs.

Our philosophy for your energy

Since the foundation of Commeo in 2014 we focus on entirely self-developed and self-produced products – completely ‘made in Germany’! Our philosophy includes not only the highest quality standards for us and our products, but also the claim to develop and implement the best solution for each company.
To meet this demand, our energy storage systems are completely modular and our comprehensive service is versatile and individual – just like you!

More about the company

Together for a self-determined energy supply!

Another step into a promising future

Since 2022, we are part of Arendals Fossekompani (AFK), an investment company with a long tradition in electricity trading and the operation of hydropower plants.

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What makes us different

Safest battery storage

  • Electrical safety: DIN EN 61010-1:2011-07
  • Battery safety: DIN EN 62619:2017-11
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: DIN EN 61000-6-2:2019-11; DIN EN 61000-6-4:2020-09
  • Functional safety: DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2016-06; ‘Performance Level d’ according to risk assessment under Machinery Directive

Through cooperation and participation in various institutions and committees, we bring the know-how as experts.

Type tested system

We are the only supplier of Lithium-ion battery systems that provides its customers with type-tested systems (for all the standards mentioned above) in cooperation with TÜV and other external test houses – we thus offer them planning, integration and operational reliability already during the conception phase of a project.

Maximum fire protection

The intrinsic safety of Commeo systems eliminates the need for a special fire protection room. Our unique esbL module design with innovative flame filter prevents flames from escaping and protects the surrounding components from fire damage even in the extremely unlikely event of a thermal runaway of a battery cell. This effectively prevents damage to the entire battery system.

Our references

4. July 2023
Two Commeo battery storage units are installed in the Wilo container.

WILO Projects GmbH

Wilo's H2-Powerplant converts solar power into green hydrogen and reliably backs up commercial operations ...
4. July 2023
The picture shows the external view of "Tortenschmied" in Weyarn.

Der Tortenschmied, Weyarn

Our battery storage solution (52 kWh) was installed at Der Tortenschmied in Weyarn.
6. June 2023
The picture shows a Commeo employee who is in the process of installing the battery storage system at Stadtwerke Witten.

Stadtwerke Witten

Our battery storage solution (81 kWh) supports Stadtwerke Witten in optimizing their own demand.

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