8. March 2024

Personnel changes in the management

Commeo GmbH announces that Frank Vöge, former CSO, has resigned from the management ...
6. October 2021
The image shown presents Commeo battery storage units in the middle of their production hall.

Energy storage block Energy

To make its modular energy storage systems even more effective, Commeo GmbH, specialists in innovative ...
9. June 2021
The picture shows a pouch cell from Xalt Energy.

Collaboration: Commeo and XALT Energy

Industries and manufacturing sectors all need one thing: electrical power. The demand for energy will ...
1. April 2021
The picture shows the two managing directors of Commeo as well as the managing director of Wigos and an employee of Wigos.

Increase in production capacity of stationary energy storage systems

In a press statement, the managers of the battery ...
10. October 2020
The picture shows a covered energy storage block with pouch technology.

More cycles for more applications

As one of the first European manufacturers, the innovation leader in industrial battery systems, Commeo GmbH ...
1. March 2019
The picture shows Commeo energy storage blocks.

Energy storage block

In the renewable energy era, possible production losses ...